Thursday, April 30, 2015

Indoor field trip- Mr Magic Man!

What a fantastic show we had this morning! Mr Magic man was AMAZING! We saw some absolutely incredible feats. We saw a piece of string turn into a bent fork, and then into a magic wand! We saw a balloon transform into a bunny! We saw a whole bunch of tiny bananas keep magically appearing as the magician tried to pack them away. We all laughed when the bunch of tiny bananas turned into one really big banana! We did some math and tried to count the yellow balls, but more and more of them kept appearing as we counted! A couple of very brave and very lucky volunteers got to hop up and assist Mr Magic man with some of his tricks. One friend tried to help him manage his crazy bananas. One friend used his big muscles and some glue to magically repair some ripped up streamer. One friend even managed to pull colourful scarves right out of thin air! We were very proud of our friends who got up on stage, and we made sure to give them all a big round of applause. We finished up the show by helping Magic Man tie some bows in his rainbow handkerchief. We had to tie the bow in the air with our hands then throw them towards the magic tube where the handkerchiefs were. When Magic Man pulled them out, they were tied together! We did it! Thank you to all the friends who joined in our indoor field trip to make it such a fun, special and magical morning!