Friday, November 28, 2014

Class 1- Phonics

We reviewed our recognition of letters  today ! We first sang the alphabet song. After singing , we identified the letters and the word/picture that starts with letter. Then we all had turns to point to a letter of our own choice to read. This is a fun way to review our phonics and enhance our visual skills as we see different pictures that corresponds to the letter.

Class 3- A special day!

Today was our friend's birthday! We had a big birthday party afternoon. We had a special birthday cheers at lunch and later we had a special birthday treat! Everyone made a card for our friend to say congratulations on his special day. Happy Birthday Friend!

Class 5: Winter wonderland

This week our class discussed what happens in Winter. We made a list on our blackboard including all of our ideas and then we made a creative collage about our ideas. We used a variety of resources including stickers,  crayons,  pencils, foam shapes and our ideas to make some very creative masterpieces!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Class 3- Drippy paint

Today class 3 got to try some very drippy paint! We painted some special winter decorations. All the little friends concentrated very hard at getting their brushes to drip in the right place and brushing so gently on our special round papers (coffee filters). Then we watched as our colours absorbed into the paper and spread out.

It was a very tricky to control our fingers and hands in order to aim the drips and paint gently. We all did such a good job that none of the papers ripped!

Class 4- Making necklaces

This afternoon we tried a very tricky challenge. We used some paper straws to make beads, then threaded them onto strings to make necklaces.  We had to really focus as we handled the small pieces of straw, and as we worked we discovered that using our thumb and forefinger to make a pincer like a 'crab nipper' was the easiest way to maneuver the pieces. It took a lot of perseverance, and our hand muscles sure got a work out, but we made some awesome necklaces!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Class 3- Music rehearsal

Today class three worked really hard to practice all of our concert songs. We were so happy to practice in the music room while Ms. Meneka accompanied us on the piano! We also got to have some fun and take turns playing our other favourite songs on the piano with Ms. Meneka. What a special day!

Class 4- Winter pets

Today we used our imaginations to pretend that we have pet reindeer! We decided to use some cold and icy blues to paint our reindeer pets, and one friend even suggested that this would help our reindeer be camouflaged when they are outside in the snow! So some friends also chose to use some purple on their reindeer, just so they can't get lost in a blizzard! While we painted we talked about all the wonderful winter fun we could have with our pet reindeer, like taking sleigh rides and having races. We love to make believe!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Science Centre!

What an amazing and interesting time we had at the science centre! So much to explore and discover! We found a great big room full of things we could touch, move,  test and play with. We made rivers, went fishing and played with bubbles. We got to watch how a hot air balloon goes up. We explored inside a cave habitat to find what animals call it home. We even put some organs back into a body! After all that it was time for a quick recharge and a snack, and then it was back to exploring!  We found a stage with lights and instruments and put on a show. We went grocery shopping and made roller coasters. We used a conveyor belt to transport building supplies and fix the roof so the rain won't get in! What an amazing time we had learning and playing with our friends and loved ones. We can't wait to get back to school and do some more science!