Wednesday, July 31, 2013

JKs at the Park!

This week the JK's walked to the park and enjoyed playing in the sandbox and on the jungle gym; where they climbed over bars and tires and put their imagination to use by pretending to claim their ship.

Fun in the Sun

The JK's have been enjoying their space during outdoor play, especially with our recent addition of riding toys. They are not only learning to negotiate with one another when sharing their vehicles but
also strengthen their sense of direction by using their North, East, South, and West to divert traffic. The children have also experienced art in the outdoors, by looking for various items in our playground and creating a collage with their findings. The JK's have given a warm welcome to new campers and have maintained friendships through positive interactions and various games.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ourdoor Fun

All of the children at Little Feet Little Faces have been having a lot of fun during outdoor play! We have been playing basketball, playing in the water and sand table, playing golf and riding our toy cars. We have also been searching for different insects. So far we have found bees, beetles, ants and flies. During our outdoor circles, we talk about where the insects live, and what they eat. We have all been enjoying the outdoors!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Planting Flowers

This week we got to plant some flowers in our playground! We talked about the life of a plant and flower, and what they need to grow. First we all took turns digging into the dirt. Then, when the hole was big enough, we put the roots into the dirt and covered it up. We are all excited to help water them during outdoor play and watch them grow!

Pre K Collage

This week we completed a Texture collage. First we went around the art room to gather different items with various textures. We found tissue paper, feathers, shiny wrapping paper, paper muffin cups, cotton fabric and more. We talked about things being smooth, coarse, heavy, light, soft, hard and so on. Then we sorted everything into groups, and using glue we made a nice collage while talking again about the similarities and differences of the textures.

Reptiles & Insects!

Today we had Amphibian Amber come to Little Feet Little Faces! Along with her she brought her friends: a tarantula, a chameleon, a gecko, a frog & more! We talked about the different characteristics of the little creatures such as furry, smooth, spiky and rough. We were also able to take turns touching the creatures and we all had a lot of fun!