Monday, November 28, 2016

Class 1- It's Puzzle Time

It was puzzle time during creative free play with our Class 1 friends. Our friends showed great cooperation skills matching puzzle pieces with each other, working together very well especially with the hard ones. If a puzzle was too hard for them as a group, then they would asked their teacher for help. For some of the puzzles like the animal ones, while matching pieces where they should be, our little friends would also say the animal's names such as tiger, octopus, etc. Great teamwork my little friends!

1.1 Making friends
2.3 Self-esteem
3.1 Using verbal& non-verbal communication
4.5 Observing
4.10 Classifying

Special Friend's Visit

On Friday, we had a visit from someone near and dear to our hearts at Little Feet Little Faces. One of our graduates from last year stopped in to surprise us and it was definitely the highlight of our day to have one of our alumni pay us a visit. Thank you so much for stopping by and we are all so glad that things are going so well at your new elementary school. We wish you a very prosperous year and hope to see you soon again. YOU are always welcome to visit us, especially with a smile that easily brightens everyone's day. We miss you!

Elect: 1.1 Making Friends

Class 3- Winter Wonderland

Winter is coming and Class 3 children were asked what their favourite thoughts were about winter. Some of the responses were "snow, snowflakes and of course, making a snowman". So we decided to paint all of our ideas on paper and make our very own winter wonderland. We used white, blue and pink paints, and then finished off with our LFLF magical touch of adding glitter to our wonderful snowflakes. We also sang a song about snowflakes while we made our creations and even whistled while we worked .We were all very happy with our finished product and our teacher even praised us on a job well done! We'll just give ourselves a big pat on our backs!

1.3- Peer group skills, 1.8-taking another person's perspective, 2.4- recognizing and expressing emotions, 4.18- Identifying patterns, 5.3- Fine motor skills.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Class 2- Cutting Skills

Class 2 were excited to work on their cutting skills during art class this morning. We used our fine motor skills to cut construction paper into various sizes using our colourful, child-safe scissors. We starting by organizing the supplies needed for this art activity. We chose our favourite coloured construction paper and were very cooperative with passing around scissors for all our friends. Once we each had a pair of scissors we began cutting our paper into different patterns. Overall, this was a great art activity because it enabled us to enhance our fine motor skills through the practice of cutting with scissors. Great cutting Class 2!

1.1 making friends
2.6 positive attitudes towards learning
4.5 observing
4.6 collecting and organizing information
5.3 fine motor

Class 1- Musical Experiments

Today our friends in Class 1 explored their hearing senses by listening and playing with musical instruments. The friends were able to choose their own instruments, and some of the instruments they chose were the tambourine, drums, maracas and xylophone. They played the instruments to their own tunes, as well as trying to keep a steady beat to some fun but familiar songs, such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, London Bridge and ABC! What fun we had today making and playing music together! We can't wait for another LFLF family jam! 

1.1 Making Friends
1.3 Peer Group Entry Skills
1.5 interacting positively and Respectfully
1.6 Co-operating
1.9 interacting with adults
3.6 listening to others
5.2 gross motor skills
5.1 auditory learning

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Class 5- Dominoes

Some of our friends showed off their cognitive and cooperating skills today with domino games, trying to match and arrange the pictures according to a pattern. They even used their imagination by arranging the cards making different shapes that they have learned about like small squares, triangles and so on. Everyone did a great job at cooperative sharing and even asked each other nicely if they were missing a piece and knew that another friend had one. They learned how to trade pieces when they needed one to help them finish a pattern. It's always a lot of fun turning a fun play session into a learning one as well. Great focus, my friends!

1.1- making friends, 1.3- Pere group skills, 1.8-taking another person's perspective, 2.4- recognising and expressing emotions, 4.18- Identifying patterns, 5.3- Fine motor skills

Class 3- Letter Printing

Another one of our important senses that we use every day is sight and one thing that we see with our very own eyes every day because we are surrounded by them are the letters of the alphabet. Every day at LFLF, our friends are trying to trace, write, say or sound out different letters and today our Pre-K's focused on improving their fine motor skills by printing letters. We took different letters and paints. Each child picked the colour and letter that they would like to SEE the most and tried to print their favourite letter with their favourite colour. They also sang the ABC song as they were printing along . We had a fun time printing while seeing what we were creating and being very proud of our letter art. We can't wait for you to SEE them either!

1.3- Peer group skills, 1.8-taking another person's perspective, 2.4- recognizing and expressing emotions, 4.18- Identifying patterns, 5.3- Fine motor skills, 3.12- understanding orientation of print

Class 5- Making Figures out of Shapes

Class 5 got extremely creative today, making abstract figures of their choice out of different shapes! We used various colours of paint to create different shapes we have learned about and combined them to make abstract pictures. We even created stories to match our abstract pictures. One of our friends used circles, squares, and rectangles to make a robot. Another friend used squares and circles to make a flower. Great creativity and thinking skills, Class 5!

1.3 peer group entry skills
4.17 Understanding 2-D and 3-D shapes
5.3 Fine Motor Skills