Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Class 4 - Concert Stills

Class 4 got some wonderful stills from the filming of their concert.  Check us out, we had so much fun, we're so enthusiastic! Great work Class 4

Class 1 - Concert Stills

Class 1 has a great dance teacher, plus Ms. Andrea who spends most of her own time dancing.  Check out these wonderful stills we captured 

Class 2 - Concert Photos

Class 2 are always ready to dance with Ms. Deanne, that's why they're first to dance in the morning.   Check out our great candid photos. 

Class 3 - Concert Stills

Class 3 got some great candid shots while recording their concert videos for mom and dad.  Check out the level of energy these friends brought, along with those smiles!

Class 5 - Concert Stills

Class 5 had a lot of fun preparing their concert videos for mom and dad. Check out their movie star moves in the candid stills we were able to capture.

Class 3 - Mr. Moustache

Class 3 was in stitches this morning after a well constructed puppet experience.  Ms. Camille has been visiting with Class 3 a lot this week to ensure Ms. Alesha's friends are doing well.  Upon one of her visits, Ms. Camille introduced Class 3 to a character named, 'Mr. Moustache'.  As you can tell by the pictures, Mr. Moustache was well received by the children.  Mr. Moustache is a silly guy, that likes to have fun, but also likes to make sure his friends are following the rules of the school.  After Mr. Moustache reiterated the rules of the puppet theatre, Class 3 went on to tell some stories of their own.  During this activity our friends practised their social skills, taking turns, and listening skills, way to go, Class 3! :)

Elect: 2.6, 3.2, 3.7, 3.8

Class 4 - Circus Collage

Today, Class 4 had a wonderful time in the art room. We did a collage of a circus tent. We decorated our tent with pieces of different paper, colors and shapes. First, we put glue on the paper and our friends put some gems to decorate.  We used big stars to put in the middle of the tent for a spark and used small stars to make the tent even shinier.

4.3 representation
2.5 regulating attention, emotion and behavior
1.1 making friends

Class 5 - Summer Camp

Our last week of camp was a blast! We constructed many pieces that we would see in a circus with building blocks such as a trapeze and a tent, ! We enjoyed many circus art such as making bears, clowns, popcorn, butterflies and enjoyed our time outdoors

Elect: 1.7, 2.1, 3.6