Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Mr Mike!

Today we welcomed our newest teacher to the team here at LFLF, and that's not the only special thing about today! It's also Mr Mike's birthday! We all worked together to make him some special birthday cards, then surprised him by singing a big happy birthday! We hope Mr Mike has a great day :)

Ms Becky's class- bubble experiment

This morning we decided to try another experiment,  this time using bubbles!  Our aim was to discover which kind of bubble wand makes the most bubbles. The first step was to make our hypotheses, so we took turns at making a prediction about which ones we thought would work best. Next it was time to test them all out! We tried all the different kinds of bubble wand, and as our experiment progressed we discovered that the way you blow makes just as much difference as the type of wand! We found that it works best when you do long, gentle blows;  the bubbles pop if you blow too hard. In the end we all agreed that each of the bubble wands works well if you use it right, but the ones with lots of small rings make the most bubbles out of all. What a fun experiment! 

Class 5: bubbles

Today when we got outside Ms Becky's class had left us a surprise.... bubbles! We all took turns blowing bubbles and seeing how many we could blow. We blew our bubbles high and low and one even landed on our scarecrow!

Ms Lauren's class: turkey time!

This week we are discussing what we know about Autumn.  We talked about the change of colours in the leaves and how the weather gets colder. One of our friends knew that thanksgiving is in Fall and was very excited to start making a turkey!  To build on the children's interests we made our thanksgiving turkeys a little early!  We made them 3D and even wrote the word turkey on them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Class 1- puzzle time!

This morning we had lots of fun talking about the farm. We sang 'Old MacDonald' and and had a great time making silly animal noises! Next we all sat down together to use some team work and complete a big farm puzzle. We took turns and encouraged our friends, and we got the job done in no time!

Class 3 - Rosh Hashanah

Today is the first day of Rosh Hashanah! Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year, which we celebrated outside this morning as a class! One little friend in our class told us a little bit about getting together with his family and having challah, wine, and juice. To celebrate the new year we did some dancing and cheering. And then we pretended to eat some apples to ring in a sweet new year! 

Class 1- globe exploration

Today we used our imaginations to go exploring around the world! We took a closer look at our globe and talked about the names of the countries. Then we had a look at the big, wide ocean and pretended to go for a swim! We love playing make believe with our friends,  what adventure will we have next?

Class 2- finger play

This morning during our circle time we did lots of hand and finger play. We started out singing 'open/shut them' to wake our hands up. Then we started to explore lots of other shapes and movements we can make with our hands! Strengthening our hands and wrists helps us to write and draw, and is also a big part of our dancing!

Class 3 - Water Painting

This morning class 3 used some water colours to paint our school buses! Instead of sticking with just yellow the friends in class 3 were creative by mixing many different colours! We discussed terminology like wet and dry as we added water to the paint to make the colour show up! Observing transformations like this is a great way to participate in mini science experiments while we do art! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ms Lauren's class: first day of Autumn!

To celebrate the first few days of autumn our class decided they wanted to paint some fall trees. We discussed how the trees lose their leaves in the fall and how they change colours. We used different mediums which included finger painting and foot stamping! We loved it so much we even made two different trees! Look at our great pieces of art.