Friday, January 30, 2015

Class 5 - Phonics bingo

In class 5  we love thinking of ways to turn our literacy learning into games- and one of our favourites is phonic bingo!
When we play phonic bingo a 'sound' gets called out, and we have to figure out which letter makes that sound and cover it up if it's on our  board. This is sometimes quite tricky, because some sounds have more than one letter to match. Like C and K! Or A and U!
Next week we think we'd like to try teen-number bingo too, so we can get even better at recognising numeral combinations!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Class 3 loves to read!

Some friends brought in a special book from home this week and class 3 had so much fun reading them!

We love reading stories as a group but we also love looking at stories on our own. When we look at a book on our own we become familiar with the conventions of how to hold a book and turn the pages. We create stories from the pictures and our memories. This pre-literacy skill helps us become familiar with books, associate written words with their meaning, and foster enthusiasm for reading!

Class 2: Marble fun

Today my friends in class 2, read some of the stories that we brought to share. After that we got into a talk about colors and our favorite colors, so we went upstairs and started to use our favorite paints in a roller marble fiesta! We each had our own marble, we used the paint brushes to apply the paint onto the marble and we practiced sharing our colors.  Some of us noticed we could make other colors by mixing them like, green from yellow and blue.

Later we thought we'd count some colorful stones. So each of us got some and counted how many of each color we had and how many in total. It was fun playing with those stones, my friends and I enjoyed passing them around and staring at them.

Thanks for using your good manners and using your words my friends!

Class 4/5 - Reading cues

Today we joined together with our friends for more book week fun! We took turns reading stories to each other using a mixture of clues from the illustrations, sounding out tricky words and reading sight words that we recognise. It is so much fun to find clues about the story, and we absolutely LOVE using our creative imaginations to fill in the gaps! Afterwards we celebrated our success with a dance party :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Class 1 - Listening skills

Today we put our listening skills to the test! First, we listened to a story from a book our friend brought from home. Then, we listened to an old favourite- "Little Red Riding Hood". While listening, we thought about what we heard. We were asked questions and shared ideas. We can't  wait to see what other kinds of stories will come to school this week!

Class 5- Sharing stories

What  a lovely time we've  had sharing all our favourite  stories during book week! We love to take turns at reading books to our friends- and this is a super fun way for us to practice using different cues when reading text :)

Class 3- Texture letters

Class 3 practised recognising the letters of the alphabet today! Ms. Heather held up special textured letters and everyone told Ms. Heather which letter it was. Then we took turns tracing the letter with our finger to help us reinforce the shape of the letter and learn how to write it. We had fun feeling the texture of each letter and talking about their shapes and the sounds they make.

Class 3 - Hide and seek

We were so lucky today the sun came out and warmed our playground enough so that we could play outside this afternoon. Class 3 had so much fun riding the cars and pulling the wagons. We even played a hide and seek game! Everyone took turns holding a pink ball the rest of the friends had to keep their eyes closed and wait. When the ball was hidden it was time to get up and look for it! We had so much fun finding hiding spots and then seeking the ball. It helps us to see things from a friends perspective and problem solve as a group.

Class 4: Numeracy exploration

This week we have been exploring our numbers. We have been practicing sorting our blocks by colour and size and then deciding which group has more or less.
After we explored these concepts with a hands on approach, we completed our pages in our numeracy workbooks. Everyone tried really hard to print their numbers neatly. Great work class 4! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Birthday!

We shared a special day with one of our friends who turned 4 today! We had a very busy day filled with dancing, singing  and playing games. We even made some special birthday cards! To top off a fantastic day we were also lucky enough to get some special cupcakes for afternoon  snack :)
Happy Birthday, Friend!