Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Class 3 - Penguins

Class 3 had a blast creating winter animal themed puppets out of paper bags during their art class! We collectively decided to choose penguins for our puppets and we're excited to play with them to enhance our creative and imaginary skills! Each student took their time to carefully paint the entire paper bag using black paint. After it dried, they used their fine motor muscles to stick on googley eyes and a big orange beak! Great job on your puppets Class 3!

5.3 fine motor skills

Class 5 - Sight Word, 'See'

This week Class 5 geared their focus toward the sight word, "see".  Over the past few days we have been working hard on printing and spelling "see". Furthermore, we have been practicing through reading simple sentences that include the word "see" in them.  A great example of this was used to describe what Class 5 "sees" in a picture. Here is one that we did in class: "I (see) a...snow man". We also did some word recognition by circling the word "see" from a word scramble! Class 5 was so great at finding the word "see". Moreover, through out the week Class 5 will be engaging in fun hands on activities that will help them recognize the word "see". We are very proud of your hard work Class 5!

2.6 positive attitudes towards learning
3.3 vocabulary
3.6 listening to others
5.3 fine motor

Class 3 - Numeracy Work Sheets

Class 3 worked really hard to complete a math worksheet where they demonstrated their excellent counting skills! They were required to count a certain number of geometric shapes, and then record the answer to 'How many?' for each one. The students used their finger to point as they counted out loud, and then correctly indicated the number on the side. Great job Class 3!

4.12 counting
4.13 determining quantity

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Class 4 - Winter Sports

Class 4 has been discussing the changes which happen during winter as well as the different sports that we encounter during this season. We spoke about skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Out of all the sports, we like sledding the best. We decided to make our very own sleigh people to represent the winter sport sledding. Using popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, glue and paint we created our very own winter sport people. This creative activity was super exciting and fun! 


Monday, January 25, 2016

Class 5 - Playing to Learn

Class 5 builds on there social skills through play! Through out the
course of our day, we engage in play breaks. This is especially important during transitions because work can sometimes seem overwhelming at times. Today, we brought out our home toys and shared them with our friends. Not only is this a great way to expand our
communications skills but also a fun way of learning through play! Furthermore, it teaches us the importance of friendship as we build our relationships through bonding!

1.1 making friends
1.6 cooperating
2.6 positive attitudes towards learning
4.5 observing

Class 3 - Winter Literacy

Class 3 took part in some exciting winter literacy activities! First, they brainstormed why they loved winter. Some friends said they love winter because they love to play and be silly in the snow! Everybody seemed to enjoy building snowmen and playing outside despite the cold chilly weather! Every student traced their responses on paper. As part of another winter literacy activity, Class 3 wrote a list of words that also started with 'W'. Some of their favourites were wiggle, wow, warm, and water. Fantastic job Class 3! 

3.1 using verbal communication
3.3 vocabulary
3.4 conversing with adults
3.11 letter recognition
5.3 fine motor skills

LFLF Obstacle Course

On Friday, the children at LFLF took part in an exciting obstacle course! It was set up to include three stations: a tunnel, jumping over small block towers, and kicking and throwing a ball. At the end of the obstacle course they finished with a big star jump and said 'Hooray'! Each student got a turn to go through the course, and they cheered on their friends. Great job!