Friday, June 22, 2012

Pajama Party!

Today is our last day of school before the summer vacation and the start of summer camp! We decided to have a special pajama party to end off the year with a bang!
All the children wore their favourite pj’s and brought in blankets, pillows, toys, and special nut-free treats for all of us to share.  We did an exciting circle where all of the children showed off their pajamas and the toys that they sleep with. We played musical chairs, had a special story time before lunch and decorated bags to take some of the special treats home! What a wonderful day we had here at Little Feet Little Faces, thank you all for a great year! We’ll see you all at camp! Have a wonderful summer J

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Birthday Celebration for Simine!

Today we celebrated a very special birthday! It was Simine’s 4
th birthday and she brought delicious cupcakes for all of us to share. We sang Simine a special birthday song and all thanked her for bringing in such a yummy treat.  We listened to music and showed each other our best dance moves! We also played strategic games to develop our skills in working together as a team. It was a great celebration for Simine and we hope she had a fabulous day!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day!

Today we invited all of our daddy’s to come play with us at school for Father’s Day! We set up the school with our favourite activities and showed our dad’s exactly what we do on a daily basis. We were able to play outside in the playground, we painted pictures in the art room, we played the piano in the music room, and even showed the parents how we have been learning to write our letters and numbers! After we showed our dad’s, mom's, and nanna's around the school we performed a very special dance for all of them to watch. Right before they left school we gave them our special presents that we made and wrapped for them. We had a great time at school with our Dad’s, Mom’s and Nanna’s - thanks for coming to spend the morning with us!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Concert Dress Rehearsal!

Today we did our first full dress rehearsal for the end of the year play. We all got dressed in our furry animal costumes and practiced saying our lines in a loud projected voice. We ran through the play from start to finish making sure that our bodies were always facing the audience. We learnt about the importance of projecting our voice so all of the moms and dads could hear us at the back of the room. We also learnt about blocking and staging so that our backs are never turned towards the audience. We worked as a team to complete our first dress rehearsal and we are so excited to perform for our parents next week!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The children have been very busy in these last few weeks creating mural style displays together. We have been focusing on team work and how we can work together to achieve a goal. They have done an amazing job of creating imaginative scenes and using many different mediums.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Art!

Today the whole school worked as a team to create a large art project that will be displayed on our main floor. Since the theme of the week is summer, we painted a large mural with sand and bright blue waters. We all had a chance to share about a time where we played on a beach and may have swam in a big body of water like a lake or an ocean. We practices taking turns, and not speaking while one of our friends is speaking. We also individually painted beach umbrellas and boats to stick onto our large mural painting. By sharing the colour paints and moving back and fourth from the group paint to the individual paint, it helped to build our teamwork skills as well as turn taking skills. We enjoyed working as a large group and can’t wait to display our beautiful summer scene!

Language Story Time

Today our friend Amelie brought us a special book about a Ballerina dancing Swan Lake. She wanted to share it with the class! We all sat quietly while Amelie introduced the story. When we were reading we were looking for words that rhyme, as well as words that we did not know. If someone did not understand a word we would stop reading the story and explain what it meant, then we would re-read the sentence so that we all understood. On every page we would use pictures cues to predict what was happening in the story, then we would go ahead and read the words. Since we have been practicing our special dances everyday for the concert, we all had something in common with the Ballerina from the story. It was a great story time, and we all thanked Amelie for bringing the book to school today!