Thursday, July 31, 2014

Butterfly snacks!

Today we had a special visit from one of our mums who brought in some cool butterfly snacks! We decided to use some paint to make them look extra beautiful before we take them home to munch them up! We talked about the real butterflies we see at the park and in the garden, and also about the things we love to do in summer!  We love having special visitors at school, thank you for coming and thank you for our super cool treats! :)

Class 1/3- decorating butterfly snacks!

One of our friends brought in some super cool, crafty butterfly snacks, and today we decided to decorate them before we take them home! We used crayons to colour the pegs- which was a little bit tricky! We had to focus and really use the muscles in our hands and fingers to hold the pegs still while applying enough pressure to get the crayons to work. It's great for us test and extend our fine motor skills like this, these muscles help us to write and draw with more precision :)
We can't wait to munch on our awesome butterfly snacks!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Class 3- Playing teacher

Today when we were playing outside a group if friends decided to arrange some chairs in a circle and play teachers!  Each friend had a turn of being teacher to their friends and guided their 'class' through activities like colouring, singing and even name spelling! The little teachers could be heard thanking their students for sharing and taking turns- just like in real life! What a great game of role playing, I wonder who we'll be next time? :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

LFLF Summer Projects

In keeping with our mini-beasts theme all of the friends at LFLF have been painting bugs made out of plasters. The molds look very realistic and each friend received a spider and a fly that they can paint and take home with them! We've also painted some super cute flower picture frames to take home to our families! Friends used there imagination when deciding what colours their flowers and bugs would be. Some friends even added patterns such as stripes or polka dots. Look our for these creepy crawlers and flowers in cubbies!

Class 1 - Stretching

Before dancing the friends in class 1 remember to do their stretches! We make sure to move all of the different parts of our body to get ourselves ready for an active dance class with movements both big and small. We often engage in dramatic play to make stretching more interesting. Today we pretended to reach up high and pick fruit off of trees while stretching our arms. Then we stretched our legs to create a basket in which we put the fruit! When we finished with this game our bodies were ready to dance!

Class 1 - Piano with Ms. Menaka

Whenever possible the friends at LFLF participate in group music classes! With Ms. Menaka's help we take turns playing notes on the piano and singing songs. We regulate our attention by waiting for a turn to sit at the piano. We also use our cooperative skills to sing songs together and play an assortment of other instruments. Thanks for the special class Ms. Menaka!