Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Class 3 rainy Day Fun!

Today on this rainy day we kept ourselves busy by having focused activities such as creative free drawing and playing with cars. Afterwards, we finished the day with a dance class!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Class 1 - Fun in the Sun!

We've been loving the warm weather! Every morning we play outside for a whole hour. Today when we went outside the first thing everyone did was find a chair to lounge in and soak up some sun! Then we spent the rest of our time practicing various gross motor skills. We practiced throwing and catching with a balloon. It moves more slowly than a ball so it's easier for younger friends to catch it! Also to practice our hand-eye coordination we played hockey with large sticks and soft balls. It was tons of fun!

Class 4 - Show & Tell

Today we started our morning by having a Show & Tell! All of the children brought in a special toy to share with their friends. We saw a toy airplane, a train, a toy telephone, a duck, some jewlery and a  kazoo! Thank you for sharing your toys! 

Class 5 we love sunshine!

Today we had amazing weather outside.  We ran, jumped and played in the sunshine with big smiles on our faces. We even tried out our new muskoka chairs! 

Class 5 visual art

Today we began our new unit on the solar system. The children decided they wanted to make a sun in art class. We discussed what shape the sun is and then tried our hardest to make a round shape. We also wrote the word sun. Look at us working hard!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Class 4 - Planting

Today we started a fun and exciting project! After discussing what happens in the spring, the children were told they would be planting their own flowers! We started by picking pots and putting soil in them. Afterwards we took turns sprinkling a few seeds into each pot and sprayed water on it. 
We can't wait to see them all grow! 

Class 1 - Planting

It's finally starting to feel like Spring! To celebrate this much anticipated change in weather Ms. Meghan's class has started some spring planting! Using shovels and soil we filled our flower pots. This required a very steady hand and a lot of focus.  Then we sprinkled our flower seeds into the pots and talked about what they might look like when they start to grow.  Before placing our flower seeds in the sun we fed them some water and Ms. Meghan explained how flowers make their own food. Keep an eye out for our planting charts in the next couple of weeks to track their progress! But shhhh, the flowers are a secret surprise for Mother's Day! :)

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Today we celebrated a birthday! Our friend brought in some delicious cupcakes, and we all sang Happy birthday! Afterwards we enjoyed some Freeze Dance and played with the Birthday Boys favourite toy, the Marble Run. We also surprised him with a Birthday card! Happy 3rd Birthday and thank you for the treats!