Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Special Birthday #2

Another very special birthday, for another very special friend. How lucky is the LFLF Family that we get to celebrate two very special birthdays in his same day! 
Much like our first party, our second was similar in that we danced our little hearts out and listened to some great music to really get our friends enthusiastic about such a special day! 
After we danced our cares away, we then too headed downstairs to our lunchroom where we sang our dear friend a very Happy 3rd Birthday!
Princess themed party, for this delightful Princess!
Hope we helped make the day as special as your always make ours! 
Happy Birthday, friend!

Special Birthday

Happy 5th birthday to a very special friend!
This afternoon the LFLF Family celebrated a very special day with a very special friend. What a special day it was!  We utilized our dance floor to play a game of musical chairs and danced to some of our favourite songs.  After we exerted ourselves on the dance floor, we gave a friend a great big birthday hug and headed downstairs to the lunchroom for cupcakes! 
Everyone needs to hear the Happy Birthday song on their birthday, so that's exactly what we did! Sang this special friend a Happy Birthday and then enjoyed yummy treats! Thanks for being such a generous friend! 
Happy Birthday! :) 

Class 2 - Sandbox Fun

Sandbox fun! Today the friends of Class 2 explored their sensory side by digging in the sandbox and manipulating the sand.  Ms. Krysten hid little items inside the sand so the friends could explore and find hidden treasures!  Today Class 2 displayed great team work and communication skills!  Way to go Class 2! You found all the special items.

Elect: 1.2, 4,12, 5.1 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Class 2 - Spring Collage

Spring has sprung, and Class 2 hasn't been more excited! The friends of Class 2 explored their creative side by creating a 3D collage of their favorite Spring colours and stickers! The friends are very excited about their creative arts and can't wait to show their families their works of art!

Elect: 1.1, 1.6, 2.3, 5.1

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Class 4 - Outdoor Chalk Activity

Today Class 4 lathered on some sunscreen, put on their sun hats and headed outside to pick up some chalk to bring out their inner Picasso's.  We wrote our names, practised shapes and drew our favourite animals.  
We even practised giving our friends compliments, great work Class 4 

2.6 positive attitudes towards learning
4.5 observing
4.7 reflecting and reaching conclusions
5.3 fine motor

Class 4 - Unidentified Flying Objects

The entire school has been making flying spacecrafts, and there is no way Class 4 is missing out.  Last week our friends focused on rocket ships, but this week we focused our creativity with the help of fantasy!  We love to pretend and use our imaginations so we had a blast with this art project! 
We cut out shapes that resembled planets, and made some creatures to take flight in our UFO's.
Awesome work, Class 4

Elect: 1.2, 3.3, 3.4

Class 5 - Rocket Ships

Today Class 5 made super cool space rockets! We started by designing our backgrounds to represent outer space. We did this by organizing our favourite colours on a blank paper. Then used fine
paint brushes for detailing. Once our backgrounds were done, we glued
on our space rockets and began mixing  paint for our flame. This was the super fun part, as we used branches to make streams of fire shooting out of the bottom of our rockets! Last but not least, we
designed the exterior of our space rockets with vibrant colours! As
our finishing touch, we sprinkled glitter on our work! We are so excited to share them with you on display around our school!

2.6 positive attitudes towards learning
4.5 observing
4.7 reflecting and reaching conclusions
5.3 fine motor

Class 3 - Literacy Reiteration

The end of our school year is fast approaching and Class 3 have been putting so much effort in finishing our workbooks. We have been trying to finish our workbooks to show our parents what we have been practicing to prepare us for the JK/SK class. We've been perfecting our directionality, and of course our recognition, and we're all doing so well! 

Elect 5.3, 3.12