Saturday, June 21, 2014

Class 1 - Last week of School

This week we have had so much! We had class parties on Thursday and Friday with treats and we celebrated a little friend's birthday! Class one has three little friends that are graduating from LFLF and they will be very missed! We've been giving each other many hugs throughout the week. This school year we've seen friendships blossom and strengthen and individual friends grow and become very independent. Good luck with future schooling friends and to the little ones coming to summer camp, see you soon!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Class 3 - end of school

What a great couple of days we've had to finish up a wonderful year at school! We've had lots of fun playing, laughing and sharing stories as we say farewell to some old friends and we're looking forward to meeting new ones. Wishing all our friends a wonderful summer - we are certainly enjoying the gorgeous sunshine!

Class 2 - Bubbles!

To enhance our bubble song we added real life bubbles to pop all around Class 2! It was so much fun, looking at all the different sized bubbles and trying to pop them! So many pretty bubbles all around us!

Class 5 - Last day of School Party!

Today we had our Last day of School Party! We had fun playing all morning! We drew some pictures, played with puppets and played music on our stepping piano! We also got to enjoy some treats that some friends brought in! Thank you and have a great summer! 

Class 1 - Yoga

In the afternoon we had a yoga class! First we started by laying on our mats and breathing in and out deeply. We pretended to be on a beach laying in the sand. The little friends were very giggly but also listened intently as they lay on their mats. 
Then we did some stretches! Ms. Meghan led some stretches and then each friend made up their own stretch for their friends to follow! We took turns and had a great time moving our bodies! Stretching prepared our muscles for dance class, which we did right after yoga!

Happy Birthday!

We had a birthday today! Our little friend was so excited to celebrate at school with her friends. We sang happy birthday and had a special cupcake snack! Thanks to our little friend for the treats and we hope your special day is so wonderful! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Class 4 - Last Day of School Party!

Today was some of our friends last day of school! One of our friends brought in some fun sunglasses and balloons for the class! Thank you J! We also had some extra time to play with some of our favourite toys! Have a nice summer everyone! 

Class 2 PJ Day!

Look at us in our fancy pjs! We all had a wonderful time playing and dancing in our pjs. We read some very special bedtime books, snuggled up in our blankets, pillows and toys and then even surprised Ms Menaka with a pj hug!

Class 5 happy birthday!

Today we helped celebrate one of our friends birthdays! We surprised her with a birthday card and birthday cuddles then we played musical chairs. Happy birthday!