Thursday, February 26, 2015

In house field trip - Mr Funny Hat!

Today we had a special in house field trip from Mr Funny Hat! All of our friends wore their special funny hats to School to surprise him and was he ever surprised! Mr Funny Hat showed us how to play several instruments including the guitar, banjo, drum and piano accordion. He also shared all of his percussion instruments with everyone and together we helped him to play a song that explored rhythm, tempo and beat. Together with Mr Funny Hat we sang songs about up and down and made some very silly noises! We learnt how construction trucks help to move soil and we even saw all of Mr Funny Hat's crazy hats! He had a watermelon hat, a fuzzy hat, a ball hat and even a rubber ducky hat for the bath! Mr Funny Hat chose a few friends to help him tell a story about a cat and a Mommy bunny and her baby bunnies. They wore masks and did an amazing job getting into the characters. Thank you Mr Funny Hat!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Class 3 - Colour fun!

Class 3 has been working hard to learn about colours. We all know the names of the colours now we are learning about primary and secondary colours. We learned that there are 3 special colours that can be mixed together to make the other colours! They are red, yellow, and blue. We have been practising painting with colour palettes so that we gain experience mixing new colours ourselves. It is fun to experiment by mixing all the colours and watching what happens. We can also use our fine motor skills to carefully mix two colours. These experiences are how we start to understand the colour spectrum and the way our eyes see the world around us.