Friday, December 18, 2015

Class 5 - Holiday Happenings

More holiday happenings for Class 5!
We wanted to show case the art work we worked on before saying goodbye to 2015!
What a blast, the last few days at school we shared together. 
Ms. Deanne even invited us to some extra dance classes!
Happy holiday spirits from LFLF! 
Hope everyone has a safe and warm holiday family gathering!

Class 1 - Happy Holidays!

Class 1 needed to release some energy after indulging in some sugary holiday treats!
We love to dance, so what a great oppurtunity it was to prance around like reindeer and get our bodies moving!
Wishing everyone a very special holiday from Class 1, we're definitely looking forward to seeing all of our friends in the new year! 

Class 2 - Holiday Bonanza!

Class 2 danced, ate and shared gifts together! If there's any class that knows how to party, it's Class 2!  All of our friends at LFLF shared special treats, and said our goodbyes to a friend that won't be returning in the new year.  To everyone else, see you in 2016!

Class 4 & 5 - Holiday Dances!

Tuesday and Wednesday, classes 4 & 5 got to work with their holiday boogie!
Soaring around, and twirling like snowflakes, the day was a blast!  We layed on the floor and made snow Angels, we even had a special machine that encouraged us to dance like winter elves, what fun! 

Class 3 - Holiday Dance Party

As the last days of the year in our school ends, we decided to make our dance class extra fun. We had our special radio which plays awesome winter songs. We dressed up as our favourite characters, played musical chairs, freeze dance and danced to animals song. We also have our big special friend today joining us today. We love that she shared her smiles and danced with us.

Class 3 - Workbooks

Class 3 were busy their last week doing table work activities. Our activities include literacy, numeracy and French books. Day by day the little friends are improving with their writing. They have been practicing the proper pencil grip as well. We can't wait to master our writing and proper pencil grip to make our parents proud! 

1.6 cooperating, 3.7 exploring literacy, 3.2 using English and the child's home language, 3.11 letter recognition 3.12 understanding of orientation and familiar conventions of print, 4.16 describing and determining ordinal number and position

Class 3 - Winter Penguins

Class three finished their winter penguins this week. Last week we started our project by painting the cups black. This week we finished it off by putting the body, face, designing their outfits using crayons and adding accessories such as jewels. We talked about how penguins look like during winter. One of our friends actually said penguins are his favourite animal. 
Hurray! for another artwork for display at home. We hope our parents like our work!

Elect: 1.2, 3.1, 3.2