Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ms Lauren's Class

We have been busy bees this week! We got the ball rolling on our new display for our unit of Jungles for the month of March. We even made some furry monkeys that are hanging from our vestibule vines! We also used our marble run set to build towers as high or as low as we wanted and then measure them using non standard units of measurement. We worked out that our highest tower was one JK child high plus a toddler!

Class 1 Car Painting!

Today our friends wanted to paint their favourite cars. they chose the cars they wanted to use and we wheeled them back and forth through the different colours of paint. Everyone had a wonderful time!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Class 1 - Story Time!

This week we had a lot of fun reading stories! Some of our favourite stories right now are "I Love you Forever" and "The Wing on a Flea". Since we have read them plenty of times, the children have started memorizing some of the lines, and they are reading along with the story!

Class 4 - Show & Tell

On Monday all of the children in our class brought something special from home to share with their friends. We all took turns talking about our toy, and passing it around to share. One friend brought in a book which fit in perfectly with our theme of the month, Shapes. The book was about mice hiding and building with shapes. We had fun naming the shapes in the book, and then drawing our own shape creation afterwards.

Happy Birthday!

This week we celebrated another birthday! We played our favourite games and sang Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl! We also got to enjoy some delicious cookies! Thank you for the treats and Happy 4th Birthday!