Monday, March 31, 2014

Class 1 outside

The sun is shining and we are all happy to be playing outside! We ran, jumped and skipped our way all around the playground.  Our gross motor skills got a big workout! We also made a big train using our bodies and travelled to the beach.

Class 1 Easter egg painting

Today we painted some Easter eggs. We tried very hard to make our circles as round as we could and joined the ends up to close them. Look at our Eatser eggs!

Class 3 outside play

What a beautiful day! We were so excited to get to play outside! We used our snow shovels to move some leftover snow, played ice cream store and even tidied the garden a little. How lovely to feel the warm sunshine on our faces and burn some extra energy running around and playing in the fresh air. Yay for spring!

Outside time!

Finally Spring is here and the sun is out! Ms Lauren's class was so excited to be outside. We drew with the chalk, rode the bikes and even played an imaginative game of fairy boats where we used our snow shovels as oars for the boat
We finished our outside time with some relay games and practiced our gross motor skills.

Class 1 math time with Ms Lauren

Today we counted with Ms Lauren and her special Easter bunnies. We each took turns counting out a certain number of bunnies. We explored which coloured bunnies there were more of and which groups of bunnies there was less of. We sorted them by colour and counted them using one to one correspondence. We had a great time exploring these mathematical concepts through play!

Ms Lauren's class art time

Today we collaged our easter eggs. We chose small Easter pieces such as bunnies, eggs and carrots. Some children made designs on their eggs using lines or patterns and one friend even made the letter for their name!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Toni!

This week we celebrated a special little friends 1st Birthday! All of the children have seen Toni a few times in Ms Ingrid's big bag. When the children wave, Toni always sticks out his tongue to say hello! The children know Toni for helping Ms Ingrid in the office with all the paper work! We whispered the Happy Birthday song and gave Toni his own bone card! Happy 1st Birthday Toni! 

Class 2 - Letter Collage

Class 2 has been keeping their hands busy with cutting out letters out of news papers and magazines! We improved our fine motor skills as we were cutting as well as our phonics and letter recognition! 
We had loads of fun recognizing our letters and making some fun words! :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Class 2 - 3D Jungle Homes

It's an animal house in a box here at LFLF! We had a blast with our plasticine animals! We made snakes, animals and birds for our animal homes. We also made sure to add a lot of green for the trees and blue for water. It kept our fingers busy!