Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Class 5 makes some special cards

One of our friends is having a birthday party tomorrow- so some of the SK's wanted to make some birthday cards!

We sounded out the word 'Happy' all by ourselves, and then we asked our teacher to put 'birthday' on the blackboard for us. We drew the most amazing pictures inside too! We added a rainbow birthday cake, a disco ball and even an Ariel piñata!

We hope our friend loves her cards ♡

Class 5's Canadian dress ups!

We've had a blast getting all decked out in our great nation's colours for Canada day! We had to teach Ms Becky all about what kinds of things you should do to celebrate, like going swimming or enjoying a patio party! We can't wait to celebrate tomorrow with our families ♡

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Class 4 - Canada day

Today class 4 had an awesome time getting all dressed up for Canada day! We hope everyone has a wonderful day off tomorrow!

Class 2 - fine motor

Today we practiced our fine motor skills. We each chose our favourite threading frame and carefully threaded our shoe lace. We went under, over and through. Our fine motor muscles are going to get stronger and stronger!

Class 2 - Canada day project

Today we made our special Canada Day Kites. Together we talked about the maple leaf that we know is on our flag. We painted two maple leaves and then glued our kite together. We added flying tails and we think it looks amazing!

Class 2 - Canada Day!

Today was our first day of Summer Camp! We made new friends and celebrated Canada Day! We made Canada flags with our hand print and tried very hard to stay inside our colouring lines. We printed the letter C for Canada and then finished our morning with a dress up party!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Class 1 end of year

Our school year has come to an end so class 1 celebrated by having fun with our friends. We had a very special circle where we all sang with our loud voices. We also had a group piano class where each of us had a turn playing the piano and some instruments. We had a dance class where we danced our concert songs. We played with toys and dress up with our friends. Lastly, we all gave cuddles to each other because we know we had a great friendship and we all love each other. Happy summer!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Class 5's special snack

Today one of our friends brought some delicious berries to school to share with us! We all pointed to the one we thought looked best, and then we munched them all up! What an awesome summer treat! Thanks, P :)

Class 5 - go fish

Today a friend in class 5 brought in a game she wanted to share so we all played go fish!

Everyone had to find their matching fish and take turns to guess which fish a friend was hiding. It was pretty tricky, but we didn't give up!

ELECT: 2.5, 2.6

Class 3 - magic sand!

Today class 3 was talking about summer plans! Everyone is very excited for summer holidays to start. It will soon be time to say goodbye to some of our teachers and friends when they move on to new adventures. We talked about the future and the big plans we all have. Some of us are planning to spend lots of time at the beech making sand castles. Ms. Heather told us about a special kind of sand called living sand and we decided to practice making sand castles and pretend we're relaxing in the beech. Happy summer everyone!

Elect: 1.8,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Class 1/3 - Sharing love!

Class 1&3 read a book called "Guess how much I love you". We learned that it's a story about big and little but brown hare and how much they love each other. After reading the story, we all had an idea of what love is. Some friends said love is a feeling while some friends said we love our parents and friends. As an activity, class one had a turn to say I love you to everyone. Class 1&3  make sure that all friends need to give and receive love by being kind to each other, sharing toys and saying I love you. We all had a great afternoon as we are all filled with love.

1.1 social interest, 2.1 expression of feelings, 2.2 self regulation, 3.2 expressive language