Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Class 5's hunting practice

Today Ms Brigitte brought a fun game to school for us! We took turns to hide colourful rings in the playground so our friends can practice hunting before all the Easter hunting action!
It was fun to try to think of tricky hiding places that would challenge our friends.
When  someone hid one under the paddle pool we almost couldn't find it at all!

(ELECT: 5.2  gross motor, 4.2 problem solving, 1.6 cooperating)

Class 4: Easter egg painting

This week we worked hard to paint our plaster easter eggs. We chose our own colours and then added some sparkles as finishing touches. You can see them on display in the vestibule!  (Elect 1. 1)

Class 4: Easter playdough fun

This week we have been having fun exploring Easter. Today we took more time to express ourselves creatively while socializing with our peers (Elect 1.1, 1.5, 1.6, 1.9). We took turns using the festive colours of Easter to decorate eggs with beads (5.3)

Class 4: Numeracy

Today we took some time to practise counting our Easter Eggs before the approaching weekend. Having a visual representation helps us learn faster and in a fun way (Elect; 4.2, 4.6, 4.12, 4.15) We also took some time practising the text of our numbers.

Class 4: Outside play

Today we played outside while the sun was attempting to be seen and decided to take some time to make a mosaic. We figured the chalk would add some much needed colour  to the end of the drab winter season and help welcome in spring.  This was a creative activity that helped us build on our communication skills and of course how we interact with our peers (Elect: 1.1, 1.5, 1.6, 1.9, 2.6, 3.1, 3.3).

Sign language at sleep time

During sleep time some friends don't take a nap, and this time of day is full of conversation and discussion. We got onto the topic of respect and Mr Mike told us about sign language, and showed us the sign for respect using our hands. It was fun to learn a new way of communication! This week we thought about learning how to say a sentence to a friend so we talked about being kind to one another. We were able to spell out "It's good to be kind", "Respect", and "Thank you". We wrote it down on our paper and tried our best to draw the hand signals too.

Thanks Mr Mike!
(ELECT 3.1 Using verbal & Non verbal communication)

Class 2: Farewell to a friend

Here is a recap from our farewell circle time with one of our friends that moved. We made some cards from our hearts and sat together to talk about how happy we were to learn together. We also made a Lego game where we would build our own castle or fortress with what tools we were given. It was interesting to see the creations we made together. This week class 2 is preparing there items for the Easter celebration this week as Easter comes closer and closer. Discussion about Easter & passover has begun! 3D egg crafts & Easter masks are our first craft we are starting with this week. The hand coordination and patience it takes to finish these little crafts are rewarding in the end.

(ELECT 1.6 Cooperating & 5.3 Tool Use)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Class 3's spring surprise

There was a big surprise waiting for Class 3 in the playground today. We all closed our eyes and when we opened them there was something new on the playground! "Flowers!" A friend called out. The flowers are not open yet but we cannot wait to watch them grow and see what colour they turn into. Everyone had some guesses about what our flowers will look like as they grow (Elect 4.4 questioning, 4.5 observing). We cannot wait to keep watching our flowers this week!