Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Class 1 - Hip-Hop Dance Class

Today we had a hip-hop dance class! We danced to the song "that power" which is an LFLF concert song. Hip-hop can be tricky because it involves quick and isolated moves. We practiced dance moves like muscles, cross-cross-clap, and marching. The friends in class 1 did a great job following the choreography and rhythm of the song!

Mr. Clown Comes to LFLF!

Today Mr. Clown came to LFLF! He was wearing a rainbow suit which little friends loved. During his show Mr. Clown juggled in so many different ways. The funniest juggling was when he used fruit and ate parts of his apple as he juggled! He then played catch with many of our friends and they got a chance to help him juggle. To finish off the show each child got a balloon animal or toy of their choice to take home! Throughout the show our teachers painted faces and arms with fun designs, animals, and superheroes! What a great way to finish off such a fun circus week!

Class 1 - Building with Lego

This afternoon we had some fun with giant Lego! All of the friends in class one wanted to do Lego so we found a big space on the floor and all sat together. We talked about the different sized pieces and their colour. Some friends decided to work in pairs to build structures together to use in dramatic play scenarios. Other friends tried to make structures as tall as possible! It was such a great opportunity for cooperative play!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Class 3/5- rainbow ribbon dancing

Today we decided to have a go at taking turns to perform with the rainbow ribbons.  It was fantastic to see each friend confident and eager to hop up and perform for their friends.  We also talked about what kinds of things a good audience member does, like sitting nicely,  watching and listening, and giving applause at the end! We saw some very dynamic and creative performances, and after everyone took a turn we all got up and danced together :)
We love to dance, and it shows in our awesome performance skills!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Class 1 - Drawing Circles

This morning we practiced our fine motor skills by drawing circles! Everytime we made a round circle on our page we had another juggling ball! When we make the circle motion with our hand we say "swoop!" And we always make sure that the start of our circle line goes all the way around to connect at the end. 

Class 1 - Piano Class with Ms. Menaka

Today we had a great afternoon playing piano with Ms. Menaka. We had the opportunity to have a music class as a group which is always so much fun! Each friend got a chance to choose a song and play piano along with Ms. Menaka. The rest of the class sat around the piano  and practiced using their singing voices. We also used other instruments like drums, the xylophone, and maracas!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Class 4 - Outdoor Play

Today class 4 got to enjoy the nice weather outside! First the children decided to build a train and assign a driver and passengers. In the sand bin the children made smoothies and got the other children to taste it for pretend. The children also enjoyed playing baseball and basketball. They took turns holding the glove and passing the ball! We love playing outside!