Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Water Park Field Trip/ Special Birthday

What an amazing day in the sun our little LFLF friends had. Today we went to the water park for our field trip, and at the water park the children were able to splash around in the pool, run through the water falls and catch fish in the small baskets. With the weather very hot it was nice to get out of school with our mommies and daddies to enjoy some interactive water play along with most of the LFLF friends.

Today we also had a very special celebration for an amazing 3 year old's birthday! With cake, smiles and lots of singing to be had at the park. We hope this special 3 year old enjoyed his birthday today among his teachers, parents and friends. We wish you nothing but the best little guy... we're not saying that he's Batman but, we should have never seen this special friend and batman in the same room! ;)

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