Monday, July 10, 2017

Class 1 -3D Canada Day Hats

Today Class 1 friends designed Canada Day hats. We started art today by organizing red and white paint on the art table. Once our supplies were ready for use, we be started stamping white hearts on our hats to share our love for Canada! We then used a paint brush to paint our maples leafs red. This enabled us to work on our fine motors by grasping onto the stamp and paint brush to design our hats! Behind our hats is a special cup. However, it's not just any cup but it's a Canadian coin cup! Placing coins in the cup will help keep your Canadian hat on display! We can't wait to share our hats with you around the front foyer! We love our country! Great work friends!

1.1 making friends

1.5 interacting positively and respectfully

1.6 cooperating

4.3 representation

4.8 identifying patterns

5.3 fine motor

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