Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Class 1/2- When its hot..We Go Ouuuuuutside

Today Class 1/2 friends enjoyed the beautiful beach weather! We played with our friends out in the warm sun while enhancing our gross motor skills! We really enjoyed outdoor play as we caught bubbles, explored sand and went on an adventure in the wagon with each other! Play time is more than just fun it's also a time for learning! Play allows for us to learn in the most fun way possible while making meaningful connections with one another! This is especially seen through sharing toys and fully engaging in activities which allow for free exploration. We hope you enjoy our blog photos!

1.1 making friends

1.5 interacting positively and respectfully

1.6 cooperating

4.2 problem solving

4.3 representation

4.5 observing

5.1 increasing levels of activity and endurance

5.2 gross motor

5.3 fine motor

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