Thursday, January 19, 2017

French- Winter Clothes

During the winter season, we noticed that the weather changes from cool to cold! Sometimes it snows and sometimes it rains. Sometimes it's windy and sometimes it is sunny! With the ever changing weather, it is very important to dress appropriately and warm to keep us warm from the cold!
We learned the French word for:

Coat - Manteau
Winter hat - Bonnet
Scarf - Écharpe
Sweater - Chandail / Pull-over
Snow pants - Pantalon d'hiver
Gloves - Les gants
Socks - chausettee
Boots - les bottes

Another lesson w learnt is that it is always important to stay warm during the winter season!


1.9 Interacting with Adults

2.1 Self-Concept

2.3 Self-esteem

2.6 Positive Attitudes towards Learning

3.1 Using Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

3.2 Using English and the Child's Home Language

3.3 Vocabulary

3.4 Conversing with Peers and Adults

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