Monday, January 16, 2017

Class 3- Literacy With Our Hands

What a great first week we had!

This week, the friends in class 3 started off the week with some focus play activities. Some of us were playing with the colour coordinated cookies, where each cookies had different or the Same colours on them. With the help of picture cards, we try to match them with the pictures. Adding to that activity we also  matched popsicle letters. We discovered that the matching popsicle sticks were the same colour and the letters labeled on them were in upper case and lower case!

We love using our strong brains to solve these special puzzles!


1.9 Interacting with Adults

2.1 Self-Concept

2.3 Self-esteem

2.6 Positive Attitudes towards Learning

3.3 Vocabulary

3.4 Conversing with Peers and Adults

3.11 Letter recognition

4.2 Problem solving

4.5 observation

4.18 Identifying patterns

5.1 Increasing levels of activity, endurance & variation in types of activity and skills

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