Friday, January 13, 2017

Class 2- Puzzle Engagement

Today our friends engaged in a super fun hands on activity which allowed for them to gain a visual understanding of the alphabet! We organized a big alphabet puzzle on the ground and then placed the correct letter of the puzzle piece, into the bigger letter outline. This experience also allowed for our friends to socialize and develop team work skills as they worked together to match the letters of the puzzle! Great work friends!!

1.1 making friends
1.3 per group entry skills
1.4 helping skills
15. interacting positively and respectfully
1.6 cooperating
1.9 interacting with adults
2.2 identifying information
2.6 positive attitudes towards learning
3.3 vocabulary
3.4 conversation with peers and adults
4.5 observing
5.2 gross motor
5.3 fine motor

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