Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Class 5- Does Musical Exerience

Today our friends from Class 5 learned about musical rhythm. They started with the Teddy Bear song. They clapped to the beat and rhythm. Also, they made movements and sang to different tones of the music. They did a great job singing loud and clear! Next, we sat down to learn the difference between beat and rhythm. We talked about how music with rhythm puts long and short sounds together. All these different sounds make you feel like dancing! We talked about how fun it was to clap the Teddy Bear rhythm. The children played a memory game to hear the difference between a rhythm and a beat. They clapped and counted simple music patterns. The friends really enjoyed clapping different rhythms. Last, the children played the Name Game where they created interesting rhythm patterns using their own names. We discussed who had the longest name with the most claps. Keep up the great work Class 5!

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