Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Class 5- Numeracy Game

Class 5 had a great numeracy lesson today. They partook in a math game where the children had to pick out number blocks from 0-1. After that they had to arrange them in the correct order and then use the mini square blocks for counting and arranging the right number of blocks against the number block. This not only got the children engaged while learning their numbers, but it also allowed them to use one to one corresponding, counting, number regulations and colourful blocks to fulfill the requirement for this activity,  It was fun watching the little mathematicians at work.Good job friends!!

1.1- making friends,
 1.3- Peer group skills,
 1.8-taking another person's perspective, 
4.8- Identifying patterns,
4. 10-Classifying, 
4.12- Counting,
4.15- Representing numbers, 
5.1 fine motor skills.

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