Thursday, January 19, 2017

Class 1- Cognitive Learning

This week our Class 1 friends spend their cognitive time learning and manipulating with the big alphabet floor puzzle. Our friends tried their best to match the alphabet puzzle pieces together. Along with that, we sing the ABC song while matching the pieces together. Also, some of our friends put the puzzle on their neck, while trying to become the letters they were learning about, what a great way to explore and be silly.  Great imagination, and cognitive learning time friends!

1.1 making friends
1.3 per group entry skills
1.4 helping skills
15. interacting positively and respectfully
1.6 cooperating
1.9 interacting with adults
2.2 identifying information
2.6 positive attitudes towards learning
3.3 vocabulary
3.4 conversation with peers and adults
4.5 observing
5.2 gross motor
5.3 fine motor

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