Friday, January 13, 2017

Class 5- Winter Sweaters Craft

As the weather is getting colder outside,  we choose to learn more about winter and the  clothes that keep us warm. After this discussion, Class 5 decided to design their very own winter sweaters. We decided to paint our own sweaters by cutting out and  making different patterns, while using our favorite colors. We then put some gems onto it and pasted the sweater  onto a white paper. Which we then wrote the spelling of Sweater. We had a great time designing our winter sweater.

Elect:1.3- Pere group skills, 1.8-taking another person's perspective, 2.4- recognising and expressing emotions, 4.18- Identifying patterns, 5.3- Fine motor skills 3.8 Understanding Literacy, 3.10 Phonological awareness, 3.11 Letter recognition

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