Monday, January 16, 2017

Class 5- 2017 Creative Art

It was our  New Year party at school and Class 5 was very excited. We learnt our months of the year and how a year has 12 of them. We learnt about the month January and how it's the first month of the year. We decided to make a New Year art project to welcome the year 2017! We made small colourful paper balls out of tissue paper and then we pasted them in the numbers 2017. It was fun to work on our project and it looked beautiful once it was completed. Happy New Year!

Elect: 1.1 - making friends, 1.3- Pere group skills, 1.8-taking another person's perspective, 2.4- recognising and expressing emotions, 4.18- Identifying patterns, 5.3- Fine motor skills

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