Thursday, February 9, 2017

French Class- Singing& Flash card Valentine's Day

The friends of LFLF have been full of excitement with the upcoming red and pink event we call Valentine's Day!
As French is the language of love (tehehe) we started off the week by learning a few French words such as:

Mon/Ma Valentin- My Valentin (Valentine)
Coeur- Heart
Bisou- kiss
Amour - Love
We have also been learning a special French song for Valentine's Day but we are going to save it as a surprise for the big day!

Stay tuned!!


1.9 Interacting with Adults

2.1 Self-Concept

2.3 Self-esteem

2.6 Positive Attitudes towards Learning

3.1 Using Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

3.2 Using English and the Child's Home Language

3.3 Vocabulary

3.4 Conversing with Peers and Adults

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