Thursday, February 23, 2017

Class 3- A Loop and a Line- That Makes 9!

Do you remember learning to write numbers? It's easy to recall learning to sing our ABC's, the colours of the rainbow, twinkle twinkle little star and all those classic lullabies we still know and love. However, learning to write letters may be a vague memory. If only we had known that it was to become a lost art! Never the less, I was reminded of those days while watching my little friends working hard to master writing the number 9 in their numeracy work books. As an educator, there is nothing more rewarding than watching one of your students learn to master a new, fundamental skill such as writing numbers. As always, my little friends were eager to learn, committed to the task at hand and with a little guidance/encouragement they nailed it! As you can see, they were very proud of their hard work. Mathletes in the making!!


1.9 Interacting with Adults

2.3 Self Esteem

2.5 Regulation of Attention, Emotions & Behavior

2.6 Positive Attitudes toward Learning

4.16 Representing Numbers

4.18 Identifying Patterns

5.3 Fine Motor

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