Thursday, February 16, 2017

Class 3: Rhythmic Dance with Ribbons & Boas

Oh what fun! My little friends have rhythm, style and grace! We opened our movement to music session by challenging ourselves to make various patterns, shapes, and lines using a multi colored neon ribbon and or Boas. Naturally, circles were a favorite. We made big circles, small circles, circles up high in the sky and down low to the floor. We also learned about, and practiced making a figure-eight. Straight lines up and down, side to side, and swiggly snake lines. Last but not least, we got our rhythmic dance while making shapes with our props to Taylor Swift "shake it off". It was a party and ALL our mind and body parts were invited and fully engaged! As always, we closed our practice with a few minutes of much needed deep breathing and relaxation in Savasana. Who knew learning to make shapes could be so much fun!


1.6 co-operating

2.6 positive attitudes toward learning

4.3 representation

4.17 understanding shapes

4.18 identifying patterns

5.2 movement and expression

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