Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Class 5- Welcome Back From The Break

Welcome back Class 5. We all were so happy to be back at school. We discussed about our March break and the wonderful colourful time that we had. We therefore decided to make something that's colourful and brings a smile on our faces. We made a rainbow art. We first painted the rainbow on paper plates using the rainbow colors and then made the background with soft cotton clouds and colourful tissue paper. We then added a magical touch by sprinkling some glitter. All the friends had a wonderful time.

1.1- making friends,
1.3- Pere group skills,
1.9- interacting with adults
2.1- self concept
2.4- recognizing and expressing emotions
2.6- positive attitude towards learning.
1.8-taking another person's perspective,
4.8- communicating feelings
4.18- Identifying patterns,
5.3- Fine motor skills

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