Friday, March 10, 2017

Class 5- Irish Arts and Crafts

We had a St. Patrick's day celebration at school and Class 5 was very excited. We discussed about the holiday and how we will celebrate. Everything is about the colour green and we also learnt about clovers, leprechauns and gold coins. We then decided to do some St. Patrick Day art. We made our very own version of leprechauns hats and clover art with cutouts and paints. We then sprinkled some glitter on both for a magical touch. We all did a great job.

1.1- making friends,
1.3- Pere group skills,
1.9- interacting with adults
2.1- self concept
2.4- recognizing and expressing emotions
2.6- positive attitude towards learning.
1.8-taking another person's perspective,
4.8- communicating feelings
4.18- Identifying patterns,
5.3- Fine motor skills

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