Friday, March 3, 2017

Class 5- Castle Hanging Art

Our Class 5 friends are so happy with their hanging art this month. It is all about fairies, castles, and the land of dreams. We made a castle and decorated it with patterns and some gems for extra sparkle. We then coloured the background in rainbow colors, stuck some butterflies, special flowers and clover leaves.. Some of them also added a magical touch with glitter. After we finished some of Class 5 girls exclaimed "it looks so pretty Ms.Prachiti". We are glad everyone had a great time doing their hanging art this month.

1.1- making friends,
1.3- Pere group skills,
1.9- interacting with adults
2.1- self concept
2.4- recognizing and expressing emotions
2.6- positive attitude towards learning.
1.8-taking another person's perspective,
4.8- communicating feelings
4.18- Identifying patterns,
5.3- Fine motor skills

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