Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Class 2- Enjoying Music Class

This week in Class 2, out LFLF friends learned a South American fold song called Fiesta Aymara. Before listening to this music, we discussed what an Orchestra is and how it makes sounds together. We learned about the role of the conductor in the orchestra and practiced the hand signals for play and stop. The friends of Class 2 watched a show and tell of the different instruments used to play the music. The friends took turns to make a beautiful ringing sound on the triangle and a big tap on the drum. They also learned how to make sounds with the maracas by giving it a big shake. Then the children pretended they were holding imaginary instruments and practiced playing and stopping at the conductor's signals. One new sound they learned to make was the tongue click. It was time to use what they learned! They accompanied the music with a special sound for each part. They learned to use the same sound for the parts that repeat. They also listened for changes in music to change the sound they were making. They had so much fun getting up to shake their maracas dance! Keep up the good work Class 2!

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