Thursday, March 2, 2017

Class 1- Dramatic Play With Dolls

Today Class 1 friends wanted to take some time out of their day for some dramatic play. While they did this they choose to play with their baby dolls. Some children put the dolls to sleep, some children changed the dolls and others feed and played with their babies. This was such a great learning experience and a perfect example of how children are always watching us and leaning from everyday life situations. Great pretend play Class 1!

1.1- making friends,
1.3- Pere group skills,
1.9- interacting with adults
2.1- self concept
2.4- recognizing and expressing emotions
2.6- positive attitude towards learning.
1.8-taking another person's perspective,
4.8- communicating feelings
4.18- Identifying patterns
5.3- Fine motor skills

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