Monday, April 3, 2017

Class 5- Spring Painting

During our morning circle, we discussed about the weather that we woke up too, the children noticed it was raining! We also noticed that during the spring season it tends to rain a lot to allow the green leaves, grass and flowers to grow for the summer season! When it was time for art, we painted our own spring portraits full of sun, rain, flowers and grass, just as we discussed during our circle time.
We can't wait to see the flowers grow in the next few weeks, and we enjoy discussing the signs of spring we saw all around us.


1.9 Interacting with Adults

2.1 Self-Concept

2.3 Self-esteem

2.6 Positive Attitudes towards Learning

3.1 Using Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

3.2 Using English and the Child's Home Language

3.3 Vocabulary

3.4 Conversing with Peers and Adults

5.3 Fine Motor Skills

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