Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Class 5- Spring Literacy

The temperatures are getting better, it's raining and looks like Spring is here. Class 5 is so excited that it is going to be green again, the flowers will bloom soon and birds are chirping already. We learnt about how April showers bring May flowers and we did a literacy worksheet and drew our very own garden and also stuck flowers and butterflies stickers to show our excitement. It was special project and brought a smile on the faces of Class 5 friends.

1.1- making friends,
1.3- Pere group skills,
1.8-taking another person's perspective,
3.8 Understanding Literacy,
3.10 Phonological awareness,
3.11 Letter recognition
4.8- Identifying patterns,
4. 10-Classifying,
5.3 - fine motor skills

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