Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Class 2- Creative Passover Cups

This week our friends are celebrating and learning all about Passover. Today We learned the Passover cup is one of the central symbols of this holiday known as the Feast of Redemption. Furthermore, we read the book: "What is Passover?" to further our understanding of the holiday and why we are making our very own Passover cups in celebration. Today in art, we each designed a Passover cup with shades of blue. We each added a our own unique touch to the Passover cup as some of use added patterns of blue, while others painted the whole cup blue! This was great as we enhanced our fine motors by grasping onto fine paint brushes to paint our cups! Overall, this was a perfect learning experience as we were able to learning about the holiday while engaging in a hand in experience to expand our understanding! Great work Class 2!

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