Monday, May 1, 2017

Class 2- 3D Bumble Bees

Class 2 started their 3D art project for the month of May! We decided to make bumble bees. The reason we decided on the bumble bee is because spring is all about springing flowers. During this time of the year we see the bumble bee pollinating. To start this cute 3D art project, we painted paper towel rolls yellow and used a fine tipped brush to make black lines across. As our paint dries we will be adding special features of the bumble bee: eyes attends, atena and wings. We can't wait to share these on display with you in the coming week! Great work friends!

1.1 making friends

1.5 interacting positively and respectfully

1.6 cooperating

1.9 interacting with adults

4.2 problem solving

4.3 representation

5.1 increasing levels of activity, endurance and variation

5.2 Gross Motor

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