Monday, May 8, 2017

Class 5- Creative, Dancing and Fun

Thursday morning was off to a great start. Our friends from class 5 got together to share what they knew about dinosaurs. We talked about some different types and collected information about all sorts of dinosaurs. The day continued as we worked on our printing, tracing letters and numbers. After a productive morning, we turned up the music and engaged in some movement playing dance freeze. We ended the day off with yoga as each student got an opportunity to lead the class in stretches. On Friday morning, class 5 continued working on some artwork for Mother's Day. Creativity was flowing and friends of class 5 decorated their flowers beautifully. After that, we went upstairs for music class where we practiced singing songs and enjoyed listening along with the piano. I had such a great time supplying for class 5 on Thursday and Friday. Everyone did such an awesome job working on their printing, artwork, and participating in various activities throughout the day like dance and yoga throughout the day!

1.1 Making friends,
1.3 peer group entry skills
1.5 interacting positively and respectfully
1.6 cooperating
1.9- interacting with adults,
2.3 self-esteem
2.6 positive attitude towards learning
5.2- Gross Motor skills,
5.4- auditory skills and music

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