Friday, July 29, 2016

Class 5- Dinosaur Fossil Literacy

Class 5 showed lots of excitement towards the Dinosaur fossils that we made. In our excitement, we also talked about and spelled the 3 types of dinosaurs in our fossil creations. To make this really fun, we separated into groups where each group was assigned a particular type of dinosaur. Then, each group read the type of dinosaur that they had and used letter cards to spell each dinosaur's name. We also had a real version of each dinosaur with us too so we can really see what each dinosaur actually looks like. After the groups correctly spelled the type of dinosaur that they had with the letter cards, each child went back to the table and wrote the name of the dinosaur all on their own as well as actually drawing a picture of it with the model in front of them. They did such a great job that everyone ended up having 2 stickers in their creations! Well done, Class 5!

1.5 interacting positively and respectfully
1.6 cooperating
3.5 using descriptive language to explain, explore and extend
3.6 exploring literacy

Bon Voyage Party

All of the little friends and staff at LFLF had a Bon Voyage Party for Ms. Lydia who will be going on vacation for the rest of the summer to visit her family overseas, and we wanted to wish her safe travels while she is away as well as remind her that we all will be thinking about her while she is away. It has been such a wonderful summer with Ms. Lydia so far and we look forward to her return. Have a safe and happy holiday Ms. Lydia!

1.1 Making Friends
5.2 Gross Motor

Part 2- Dino Disco Dance Party

It is unfortunate that today is our last day of learning about dinosaurs and volcanoes. What a wonderful month of excitement and exploration it has been in July, with science experiments, hanging arts, 3-D Dinosaur crafts and very cute Dioramas. To end the month off, the Thursday and Friday friends danced and boogied away at the Dino Dance Parties. They disco danced, stomped their feet and conga-lined all the way to lunch. Thanks little friends for such a wonderful month of exploring and learning about Dinosaurs. We look forward to what you will bring in August!


1.1 Making Friends

4.1 self- regulating

4.4 Questioning

5.2 Gross motor

Class 4- Dino Skeleton

The month of our Dinosaur theme has unfortunately almost come to an end. So today, for one of our last exciting dinosaur projects, we had so much fun creating dinosaur skeletons made of q-tips on black construction paper. We made it very easy by first putting lots of glues on the paper, and then putting the head of the dinosaur before putting down the q-tips representing the skeletal bones and lastly the popsicle stick for the dinosaur spine. The way they turned out was so awesome and the teachers were so impressed by the children's work. Great work, my little friends!

4.3 representation
1.1 making friends
2.1 self concept

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Class 5- French Class

This week during our French circle, we practiced counting our numbers in french with the help of using colourful volcano rocks!

We all took turns counting from 1 to 20 in French as well as in English to get us ready for the new school year in September! We also each took turns picking a number randomly with our French number flash cards and saying what the number was in French. I must say, Class 5 did an awesome job! Afterwards to finish off our lesson, we all took turns practicing our colours in french and even sorted the rocks by groups of colours in French! Awesome job, Class 5!

1.5 Interacting Positively and Respectfully
1.6 Co-operating
1.9 Interacting with Adults
2.1 Self-Concept
2.3 Self-esteem
2.6 Positive Attitudes towards Learning
3.5 Using Descriptive Language to Explain, Explore and Extend
3.1 Using Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
3.3 Using English and the Child’s Home Language
4.10 Classifying
4.18 Identifying Patterns
4.15 Representing Numbers
4.12 Counting

Class 1- French Class

Class 1 had loads of fun in their French class with Ms. Tray. They were happily singing many of their french songs they have learned with Ms Tary, as well as even counting dinosaurs in French. It was a great time for Class 1 during French circle today, which is a great additive to the curriculum as learning a second language early on in a child's development makes it much easier for children to pick up or retain a second or third language in life.

-1.6 Co-operating
-4.12 Counting
-3.7 Enjoying Literacy

Class 2&3- Musical Class

Our friends in Class 2 and 3 had a great music class today where they showed off their musical singing voice. We had a fun vocal warm-up to get us prepared for all the musical fun to come. Then we had a discussion about where they hear sounds throughout the day and it was great to hear their responses of all the great places they do hear music! In our discussion of sound, they found out that changing the vocal pitch makes the music sound very different. They used their own voices in various ways to find out just how different a single musical phrase could be with a change of pitch! It was humorous to see familiar tunes transformed when they sang several popular songs with unusual pitches. Great work everyone!

1.1 Making Friends

Class 5- Musical Lessons

Our friends in Class 5 had a great music class today. They started of high energy with a vocal warm up to get them ready to make music. They used special sounds to sing their own names and share them with their friends. Then the focused on feeling the beat of the sounds they made and to clap their hands to match. Finally, they passed the beat around the circle and that was great fun. Next, they sang Johnny One Hammer using voices and various body parts to feel the beat.They learned the musical names and symbols for loud music and for soft music. They listened to music excerpts and guessed together which ones were Forte and which ones piano. To shake things up everyone got up and moved their bodies to several melodies. It was awesome that everyone listened so carefully and froze exactly the moment the music would pause. Keep up the great work!

1.1 Making Friends
3.6 Listening to others
4.5 Observing