Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Class 5- Music class

Our friends in Class 5 had a great music class today where they showed of how well they could play musical instruments to a steady beat. For the first time, they experimented playing together like an orchestra. They tried out various instruments and learned about the unique sounds each one makes. Finally, they mirrored the conductor and played a fun simple beat on their instruments. Then we had three volunteers come up and take turns being the conductor. They did a great job leading the class to play their own beat! The children also did a pass-the-beat circle challenge and an activity called Johnny One Hammer where they used various body parts to keep a steady beat. They practised listening to various musical tones and echoing them with their own voices. In addition, they had a fun activity where they engaged their whole body to move to a musical piece. Overall, Class 5 did an awesome job in music class today!

Elect: 1.1 Making Friends

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