Thursday, July 2, 2015

Class 1 - Art time

Class one did two art activities today. The first art activity that we did is stamping. First, we got some paper and chose two colours for our stamps. We stamped right away. Some of us explained the colours and shapes of our stamps while stamping. Some friends even described the visual representation of our stamps. The second art activity that we did is colouring. We got our own paper with a butterfly picture and our own cup of crayons. We made sure we used nice colours to make our butterfly pretty as well as putting decors around the butterfly. Our art time helps us explore visual art. It also helps us enhance our creativity by using our imagination to make pretty pictures .

Elect 1.5 interacting positively and respectfully, 2.6 positive attitudes towards learning, 3.1 using verbal and nonverbal communication, 3.5 using descriptive language to explain, explore and extend, 5.3 fine motor skills

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