Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Class 1 - Name practice

Class one worked on their names today. We recognized and spelled them with the help of our special coloured name tags.

We were sitting in a circle when we were given surprise paper bags. We were told to look at it and we immediately recognized that the card inside contains our name tag. There were also another set of cards which we figured out as puzzles for our names. We all had a turn to put out our name, say it and spell it. Some of us spelled it inversely while some spelled directly according to the name tag.

What a fun way to learn and spell our names! Day by day we are getting more interested in print and maybe we could read some basic words soon too!

Elect 1.5 interacting positively and respectfully, 2.6 positive attitudes towards learning, 3.7 exploring literacy, 3.11 letter recognition, 3.12 understanding of orientation and familiar conventions of print, 3.13 matching spoken words with written ones, 4.6 collecting and organizing information, 5.3 fine motor skills

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